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Utilise Simplifi's GDPR Software to streamline your GDPR plan.

With our easy to follow question and answer framework, a host of ready-made policies and procedures, and reporting modules you will be able to kick start your GDPR journey.

Simplifi's GDPR Software features include:

  • Wizard and on-screen guides to walk you through the question and answer framework
  • Extensive library of sample template policies and procedures for you to make your own
  • Autofill sample templates to speed up filling them in
  • Document your data types and locations
  • Document your processes
  • Registers for Transfer of Data, Request/Restriction of Data, and Data Breach Register
  • Risk/audit/gap assessment module
  • Assign actions to yourself or colleagues, with calendar reminders
  • Auditable Reports to supply evidence you are following GDPR practices
  • Ongoing support for audit trails, as it is a continual process
  • Ongoing support for updates in legal requirements, via system notifications
  • Hand holding via both Legal and GDPR Consultants, if needed

With a variety of packages available to suit your GDPR needs, try our 14-day FREE trial now to see how quickly and easily you can kick-start your GDPR roadmap.